Serving Peach Chutney at our Bed and Breakfast

Minnesota Bed and Breakfast Peaches

Fresh Peaches from the Food Co-op

We usually serve the peaches as fresh fruit with breakfast.  This year Carol is expanding her horizons by canning peach chutney.  We came home from the food Coop in Decorah, Iowa with a box of peaches and Carol started slicing and dicing the ingredients.  Three hours later we had 14 jars of canned peach chutney.

Freshly canned Peach chutney

Chutney is defined as: “A pungent relish made of fruits, spices”.  Carol plans to serve the chutney as a side dish with some of our savory breakfasts.  Carol alternates between sweet and savory entrees for our breakfasts.  So if you stay with us at least two nights, you might get to sample some of Carol’s new peach chutney.

This blog is written by Marv Eggert innkeeper at the Hillcrest Hide-Away Bed and Breakfast in Lanesboro, Minnesota.  We start your day with a just-baked loaf of home made bread delivered to your room – followed by a hearty breakfast in our dining room.   Lanesboro is located in Southeast Minnesota and has been named the Bed and Breakfast capital of Minnesota.  To learn more, visit

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Innkeeper and gardener at Hillcrest Hide-Away B&B in Lanesboro, MN. I really enjoy writing and photography. Blogging gives me the opportunity for a creative outlet for both of these interests.
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