Raspberries In Season at Lanesboro, MN Bed and Breakfast

Our ever-bearing raspberries are well into their second season and the fruit is bountiful!  We have been featuring raspberries for breakfast at our Lanesboro, MN inn for the last 3 weeks.

Minnesota Bed and Breakfast Fruit Entree

Raspberries and Bananas Drizzled With Dulce-de-leche

Today we served raspberries and bananas topped with dulce-de-leche.  The crop has been so good I  have been freezing the extra raspberries for use later in the season.  Carol uses them in our entrees for Raspberry Cornbread, Yummy Raspberry French Toast, and fruit topping for pancakes.

Lanesboro B&B Pastries

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

Carol uses the fresh raspberries in baking too!  Two of my favorites are Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins and Sour Cream Scones with Raspberries.

Last year the frost got the last of our raspberry crop.  This year with an earlier season, we’ll get more for the freezer and the guests.

The fall colors are just starting to appear in Southeast Minnesota.  The cooler days offer great conditions for  biking the Root River State Trail.

The mums and the asters in my garden are just waiting to pop out their colorful blossoms.  I’ve got some hardy perennial mums that will soon become a mound of color.

Consider Lanesboro (the Bed and Breakfast Capital of Minnesota) as your destination for your fall color getaway.  We offer a mid-week discount at our inn.  See the details on our web site.

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Innkeeper and gardener at Hillcrest Hide-Away B&B in Lanesboro, MN. I really enjoy writing and photography. Blogging gives me the opportunity for a creative outlet for both of these interests.
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