Backyard Visitors to our Garden

Last week a fawn was born in our neighborhood.  He laid under the neighbor’s board fence for most of the afternoon.  It is not unusual for the mother deer to leave new fawns unattended – even in town.  They are safe alone because the fawns do not have a scent that their predators can detect.

Fawn and mother in our back yardI watched them through the window for a few minutes and then stepped out the back door.  It is not unusual to have deer in our yard year round.  So they are really not afraid of us.

I watched them nibble on some grass for a while.  Gladly, they were leaving my flowers alone.

Little fawn with lots of spotsI do have a fence around my vegetable garden.  I will not share my precious raspberries with the deer.

The day lilies will be blooming soon.  The last two years the deer have enjoyed them more than me. In the summer it is a battle to keep them from our gardens.  I have found a few deer repellents that seem to work.

Visit us some time this summer and you can enjoy the creatures that visit our back yard.  Orioles, humming birds, finches, robins, chipmunks and more.  This blog authored by Marv Eggert innkeeper and gardener at Hillcrest Hide-Away Bed and Breakfast – Lanesboro, Minnesota.

About Marvin Eggert

Innkeeper and gardener at Hillcrest Hide-Away B&B in Lanesboro, MN. I really enjoy writing and photography. Blogging gives me the opportunity for a creative outlet for both of these interests.
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