A “nursery” in our Garden Labyrinth

Every year when I get spring fever, I head for the nursery to find plants for our garden.

labyrinth garden, robin eggs

Robin "Nursery" in our Labyrinth

This year the “nursery” has come to us.  Momma Robin has built a nest in the pergola that leads to the labyrinth garden in our back yard.   There is a honeysuckle vine growing on the pergola providing good protection for the nest and the new babies.

She has been tending the nest for a couple weeks so we should see new babies soon.  Every time I walk by the garden Momma Robin flies off, but of course returns soon.

pergola at the entrance to our garden labyrinth.

Honeysuckle vine growing on our pergola

Today I walked through the pergola and got within a foot of Momma Robin sitting on her nest.  I certainly don’t want to disturb them.  But I hope to get some pictures after they hatch.

The pergola provides an entrance to our garden labyrinth.  The labyrinth pathway is bordered by blooming perennial plants.  Cornflower, mullein, lamb’s ear, yarrow, milkweed and calla lilies have been blooming for a month.  Coneflowers, day lilies and black eyed susans are just starting to bloom now.  Mums, hybiscus and asters will be coming later in the summer.  This is the third summer for most of the plants in the labyrinth and the perennials have followed the rule of thumb that it takes three years for a perennial to get well established.  Many are large enough that they should be split soon.

labyrinth garden perennial flowers


I almost gave up on a milkweed I planted three years ago.  But this year my patience has paid off.  It has more than 15 blossom clusters.  Now I need to watch for the butterflies to show up.

We welcome you to view our garden when you visit Lanesboro.  Just stop by for your very own garden tour.

This blog is authored by Marv Eggert, gardener and innkeeper at the Hillcrest Hide-Away Bed and Breakfast in Lanesboro, Minnesota.

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